Sunday, 26 December 2010

2011 Oscar Predictions. (Early)

The awards season has had it's first wave of ceremonys so I am going to lay down my initial predictions for you. Feel free to place money based on my predictions (I am not liable for anything!

Bare in mind this is who I think will win the Oscars. Not my picks. I will post that up soon.

Best Picture
1. The Social Network
2. The King's Speech
3. Toy Story 3
4. Black Swan
5. The Fighter
6. 127 Hours
7. Inception
8. Shutter Island
9. The Kids are Alright
10. True Grit

The Maybes
The Town
The Way Back
The Winter's Bone
Another Year
Rabbit Hole

This is a three horse race really between The Social Network, The King's Speech and Toy Story 3. At the moment I would give the edge to the SN. Just. This is an interesting year for conflicted ideas, The Social Network being the Contemporary, The King's Speech being the classic and Toy Story being the crowning jewel in one of the best trilogies ever realised. After that the first seven are locks. They will be there. However the next three is really up for grabs. The picks I made are on thin ie at best. It could be any of the maybes are even five others. Some might question my inclusion of Shutter Island but it is gaining a bit of momentum from the studio and it will be interesting to see if it can over come the early year release.

Best Director
1. David Fincher
2. Tom Hooper
3. Darren Aronofsky
4. David O. Russel
5. Christopher Nolan

The Maybes
Joel and Ethan Coen
Danny Boyle
Lisa Cholodenko
Ben Affleck

This is looking like Fincher's to lose. He has produced one of his most solid, Oscar friendly film to date. This is what is giving the Social Network the advantage at the moment for Best Picture. Any of the next 3 could win depending on which film is going to win Best Picture. This will be an almost certain indication. The first four are pretty solid to get nominated. And however much it pains me Christopher Nolan is far from certain. He is the fan favorite. He is my favorite. But he probably isn't the Academy's favorite. He has to beat some solid Oscar favorites in Danny Boyle and the Coens who ar eboth getting rave reviews and Nominations at other precursors. If Nolan is not nominated for Inception, it will be a travesty, but not necessarily surprising.

Best Actor
1. Colin Firth
2. James Franco
3. Robert Duvall
4. Jesse Eissenberg
5. Jeff Bridges

The Maybes
Mark Wahlberg
Leonard Dicaprio
Ryan Gosling

This is really a two horse race, and even then it is mostly Colin Firth's. It is the perfect Academy role and he has been snubbed before. The academy want to give it to him. But dont rule out James Franco. His film holds together on his performance and it is getting recognition. The next three could be anyone. Bridges got it last year so they may be looking to spread the wealth. Wahlberg is knocking on the door and you could see any of the bottom three drop in and out. Poor Leo is porbably unlikely though with splitting votes for Shutter Island and Inception. There is still a chance for shutter Island though.

Best Actress
1. Natalie Portman
2. Annette Bening
3. Leslie Manville
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. Michelle Williams

The Maybes
Nicole Kidman
Julianne Moore

The Verdict
Must admit I am a bit in the dark here but this seems to be another two horse race. I maybe letting my bias get the better of me but Portman may not get a better chance for her Oscar, and she is one of the best leading ladies Hollywood has to offer and she is deserving. Logic however dictates that Annette Bening is probably going to win this. But one can hope. The next three I'm totally in the dark about but I hear they seem pretty solid.

Best S. Actor
1. Christian Bale
2. Geoffrey Rush
3. Mark Ruffalo
4. Jeremy Renner
5. Andrew Garfield

The Maybes
Matt Damon
Ed Harris
Sam Rockwell

The Verdict.
Christian Bale.  This is probably one of the most certain wins of the awards. And it is his time. Geoffrey Rush fits returning veteran actor in this young talented group. I would love to see Ruffalo win at some point, but not sure is Kids has enough support for him to win. Garfield has a massive future ahead of him. Is it too early for him. Any of the bottom three could change with the maybes. I would love to see Rockwell but there wasn't a lot of love for his movie.

That's all for now. If I could guess S. Actress I would, but at this point I would just be copying and pasting off another site. Closer to the time I will try and guess all the categories.

Hope you had a good christmas and New year. I will post my picks for 2010 soon as well as some 3D sets I have been working on recently.

Be safe

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Batman Rumours.

It looks as if Hugo Strange is to be played by the great Tom Hardy in the next Batman film. If you know anything about me, this is my most anticipated film for next five years. And I hate to blow my own trumpet (I lie, I love doing that), But I called this a few weeks back pretty soon after Hardy was announced in being in the film. And the story just fits too well for it to just be another rumour. This is exciting news that I hope is true. Another thing I hope is to get on that set in some capacity. But that may just be a pipedream, but If I get it you will be first to hear.

Best Wishes

Friday, 3 December 2010

Horrid Henry: The Movie

Here are a few snaps from the 3D shot Horrid Henry: The Movie I worked on today. A really great crew and cast with a totally wonderful atmosphere. (Even if the pub lunch was the most rushed meal I ever had)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Social Network wins

Just here with my first bit of news. The Social Network has sweeped Best Motion picture, Best Lead Male and Director at the National Board Review.

This is the first real awards of the Award circuits and while not the most definitive decider, it is still an interesting outcome. David Fincher is one of my all time favorites and the Social Network is indeed a great film. Would be an interesting of the big tomato but that is a long way off. Hell, I don't even want to put my name down to anything yet but at some point you should expect some sort of prediction blog from me as well as my own musings on the best films of the year.

I encourage you to start churning your own predictions.

So it Begins...

Patrick Dane here. We will be following my continuing surge for world domination right in this very (non-exsistant) spot. I'll keep you up to date with what I have been working on and projects I am developing, as well as any film related news or trailers I feel I need to comment on. If anything it is a way for me to organise and archive my thoughts and if people want to read it, power to them.

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